Combo Pack

Combo Pack of ND999 and ND black
SKU: ND-425-NDC-00040-4
Manufacturer: Never Dry

One bottle of ND999 and ND Black in a 15mL bottle, Plus 2 small bottles of ND999 in the 5mL size.

ND999 is a unique, multi-Functioning lubricant that has been blowing people away with its effectivness, durability and safety. If it moves you can use it. If it doesn't, but you want it to, you can use it.

ND BLACK Ultra-Refined Carbon Destroyer is an ND999 compound! This cleaner will bond with carbon on a molecular level and make it easy to lift away. From motors, to brakes, to guns - if it has carbon, this will be the best cleaner you've ever used. Got Carbon? - Gone

*Bottles and packaging may vary

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