Cpl. Wilbel Alexander Robles Santa (W.A.R.S)

Wilbel A. Robles Santa was a Calvary scout in the United States Army. He was born on Feb 18th, 1988 in Humacao, Puerto Rico where he lived until joining the Army in 2010.

Wilbel was the older of two sons, born to Wilfredo Robles Rivera and Maribel Santa Rivera. In his early years, he lived in a small town in Humacao, P.R., called “La Playa”, and despite living in the low-medium social class and surrounded by the criminality faced in the country and his local community, Wilbel grew up to be a very humble person with a strong moral foundation, graduating with honors all the way to High School. He was a natural athlete who enjoyed playing all different kinds of sports like basketball, taekwondo, volleyball, bodyboarding, tennis, skateboarding and boxing. Wilbel was also a fan of war action movies, with some of his favorites being Brave Heart, Pearl Harbor and The Avengers.