ND999 - A solution for overspending.

A while back when Never Dry was still a very small company... in fact it wasn't even a comany at all. It was only a product, ND999! We only knew a few people and we didn't really know what to do to get started. Well, one of our sales people happend to know the CEO of a large trucking company and we asked them to give us a shot.

I still to this day remember how that conversation went.

"Do you guys think you could try out ND999 on your trucks?"
"Sure, we will give you a one month test, we currently spend about $1200 a month on lubrication for our trucks, we will substitute that fund and buy 100% ND999"
[You could imagine our suprise but we didn't want to be mean so we responded with this] "You won't need that much! Really it is super strong and spreads really far so you don't need that much."
"We still want to do a fair test so we will go ahead with that and order the full amount."
[We tried] "Alright." (48,1oz bottels at the time)

Nearly a month later when they thought they would be out of oil we gave them a call back. "So, how has the oil be treating you?"
"It's great we haven't used anything else all month."
"How much did you end up using?" we asked.
[There was a pause for a few seconds.] "One Ounce."

ND999 saved that company thier lubrication budget for FOUR YEARS! That is a savings of $56,400 just by making the switch to ND999!

ND999 can save you on a smaller scale pick up a bottle today and start saving!



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