NeverDry Outdoors

Location to apply for staffing possions for NeverDry Team Member (Field Staff)

Click HERE to fill out the Application.

Please become a registered user of the site if you want to become a Team Member, this will effect the decision. 

Any questions should be emailed to the team at:



No knowledge of the company or the industry is needed, a basic understanding will help with performance however.


  1. Aid in promoting the company and brand through social media

    1. Sharing public information from the main business page to peak interest of others.

    2. Inviting friends to like the main business page.

  2. Brand Loyalty

    1. You are not required to be brand loyal, you may continue to promote other companies or products even if they are in the same market as NeverDry.

  3. Promotional Items

    1. You do not need to purchase anything from the company unless you want to.

    2. You do not need to create any content for the main business page as far as pictures or videos.


As a team member you will be given perks that come with that. They are described in detail on the Team Members section of the website.