We are happy to see you here, I'm glad you have made the decision to use the highest quality and highest refined oil on the planet.

ND999 is a stand-alone lubricant for many reasons. It has a dry time of up to 3 years, unlike many competitors whose products dry within weeks. It is non-conductive which makes it safer than most other lubricants. It also is not delivered in an aerosol, adding to its safety.

ND999 is weapons grade, so feel free to use it on your guns and other weaponry. It will not clog the mechanisms and you'll have a smoother experience as a result. 

ND999 is also medically safe, and can be used in any medical setting such as doctors' offices, hospitals, dentist offices, urgent care facilities, veterinary hospitals, etc. It will not harm the equipment or hinder its usability.

This product also works in the automotive industry and is safe to use on cars, motorcycles, bikes, mopeds, and more. It does not rust parts and does not get in the way of proper function. You'll use less than a standard lubricant and it lasts longer meaning less fussing with your vehicle and more enjoyment! 

And for the household, ND999 works on rusted tools, nuts and bolts, door hinges, plastics, and so much more. We have yet to discover the end of its usability and since its creation has helped thousands of people see why ND999 is a cost-saving and effective way to lubricate. 

Buy a bottle and you'll wonder how you ever lived without ND999!