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ND Sapphire Thermodynamic Grease

ND Sapphire Thermodynamic Grease

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This grease is designed and intended for high heat, high wear locations.

Apply NEVERDRY Thermodynamic Grease to the slide rails, barrel bushings, or other areas on your firearm where metal components come into contact with each other. Not only does consistent use of the ND Thermodynamic grease result in more consistent cycling and improved accuracy but it can help prevent corrosion and other types of wear and tear.

The ND Thermodynamic Grease can be used in most types of equipment that generate a lot of heat as well, such as power amplifiers, high-performance motors, and industrial machinery. In these applications, the ND Thermodynamic Grease will help to reduce wear and tear on components and prolong their lifespan for years.

The ND Thermodynamic Grease also keeps out dust and dirt better than the next leading competitor's grease.

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