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ND Complete Kit (ND999, ND Black, ND Sapphire)

ND Complete Kit (ND999, ND Black, ND Sapphire)

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Get everything you need for a thorough gun and machinery cleaning and maintenance with NEVERDRY's Ultimate Bundle!

This bundle includes our ND999 Ultra-Refined Oil Lubricant, ND Black Ultra-Refined Carbon Destroyer Cleaner, and ND Sapphire Thermodynamic Grease, all designed to help you maintain your firearms for optimal performance and longevity.

More Details:

The ND999 Ultra-Refined Oil Lubricant is perfect for lubricating your gun's moving parts, reducing friction and wear for smoother operation. NEVERDRY's ultra-refined formulation ensures that it won't gum up or attract dirt, keeping your gun in top condition.

The ND Black Ultra-Refined Carbon Destroyer Cleaner is an essential part of any gun cleaning kit. Its powerful formula breaks down and removes carbon build-up from your gun's barrel, bolt, and other surfaces, ensuring that your firearm is clean and ready to use.

The ND Sapphire Thermodynamic Grease is perfect for protecting your gun's metal parts against corrosion and wear. Its high-quality formulation ensures that your gun stays lubricated and protected even in harsh environments.

Item Specifics:

ND999 Ultra-Refined Oil Lubricant -

4 in 1 Cleaner, Lubricator, Protector, Penetrator

Nano-Technology: Small size to penetrate through rust and buildup.
Polarized: Bonding for a better lubricating surface
Multi-Funtioning: Use on more than just guns - it works great on all moving machinery and stuck bolts, hinges, etc.

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