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NEVERDRY is the epitome of high-quality lubricants and maintenance products for firearms and general machinery. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best products to keep their equipment running smoothly and efficiently. Our ultra-refined oil lubricants are designed to reduce friction and wear, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, NEVERDRY is the trusted choice for gun enthusiasts and craftsman professionals alike. Explore our range of products today and experience the difference that NEVERDRY can make for your equipment.

Featured Bundle

Get everything you need for a thorough gun and machinery cleaning and maintenance with NEVERDRY's Ultimate Bundle!

This bundle includes our ND999 Ultra-Refined Oil Lubricant, ND Black Ultra-Refined Carbon Destroyer Cleaner, and ND Sapphire Thermodynamic Grease, all designed to help you maintain your firearms for optimal performance and longevity.

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The ND999 Ultra-Refined Oil Lubricant is perfect for lubricating your gun's moving parts, reducing friction and wear for smoother operation. It's ultra-refined formulation ensures that it won't gum up or attract dirt, keeping your gun in top condition.

The ND Black Ultra-Refined Carbon Destroyer Cleaner is an essential part of any gun cleaning kit. Its powerful formula breaks down and removes carbon build-up from your gun's barrel, bolt, and other surfaces, ensuring that your firearm is clean and ready to use.

The ND Sapphire Thermodynamic Grease is perfect for protecting your gun's metal parts against corrosion and wear. Its high-quality formulation ensures that your gun stays lubricated and protected even in harsh environments.

Standalone Products

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NEVERDRY: A Jack of All Trades

While our oil lubricants and carbon destroying cleaners are specifically formulated for gun and machinery maintenance, they have a range of other practical uses as well. Our ultra-refined oil lubricants can also be used to lubricate locks, hinges, and other metal parts around the house, while our thermodynamic grease can be applied to bearings, gears, and other moving parts in automotive, marine, and industrial applications. Additionally, our carbon destroying cleaner can be used to clean ovens, grills, and other kitchen appliances.

What We Stand For

  • Quality And Innovation

    Made in the USA with quality and care, NEVERDRY's ND Series Cleaning and Maintenance products are ultra-refined in a process that removes many impurities commonly found in other gun oils, lubricants, cleaners, etc.

  • The American Standard

    At NEVERDRY, we take pride in being a wholly American-owned and operated business. We believe in supporting the American economy by providing job opportunities solely within the United States. From our facilities to our business processes, everything is done domestically.

  • Unmatched Results

    Simply put, your guns won't jam and your equipment will last longer. If you are utilizing our various ND Series products to clean and maintain your firearms and/or machinery regularly and properly you are sure to have a smoother, more efficient operating experience.

NeverDry Product Testimonials

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  • Good Gun Oil: Michael H

    Picked up a bottle of this at the Grand Rapids gun show. Works great on my edc glock 19 smooth to rack the slide, doesnt run off when firing and it seems to accumulate far less lint excellent oil for sure.

  • All-Purpose Lubricant: Jarod H

    I've been using ND999 for awhile on everything from my guns to squeaky door hinges. It's the best lubricant I have ever had my hands on. [NEVERDRY] is an amazing American owned company and the owner is a stand up and straight forward guy

  • Solid Gun Oil: Doris B

    Really solid gun oil. I wanted something more premium for my custom FN 509 to keep it running smooth. This really fits the bill!

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Environmentally Friendly

At NEVERDRY, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality gun oil lubricants and equipment cleaning products, while also protecting the environment.

That's why we use sustainable production techniques to ensure that our products are environmentally friendly and have a minimal impact on our planet. ND999 is free of any VOCs, so you can use it with peace of mind, knowing that you're not exposing yourself or the environment to harmful chemicals.

With NEVERDRY, you can trust that you're getting products that are effective, safe, and sustainable.

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