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NEVERDRY Gun Cleaning Kit

NEVERDRY Gun Cleaning Kit

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The NEVERDRY Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit - Your all-in-one solution for pristine firearm maintenance and care. This comprehensive kit combines the power of our three flagship products: ND999 Ultra-Refined Oil Lubricant, ND Sapphire Thermodynamic Grease, and ND Black Ultra-Refined Carbon Destroyer Cleaner. With all the essential tools meticulously designed for efficient and thorough firearm cleaning you can prepare to take your firearm maintenance to new heights.

Key Features:

  1. ND999 Ultra-Refined Oil Lubricant: Experience the smoothest operation and extended lifespan for your firearms. The ND999 oil lubricant's advanced formulation ensures reduced friction, protecting against wear and corrosion. Its versatility extends beyond guns, making it the perfect solution for locks, hinges, and other metal parts around the house.

  2. ND Sapphire Thermodynamic Grease: This high-viscosity and high-temperature resistant grease provide unmatched lubrication and protection for firearm components. Its excellent adhesion properties and anti-seize capabilities make it ideal for threads, bolts, and metal-to-metal contact points.

  3. ND Black Ultra-Refined Carbon Destroyer Cleaner: Banish stubborn carbon fouling with ease! The ND Black Carbon Destroyer is meticulously crafted to dissolve carbon buildup from firearm surfaces, restoring accuracy and enhancing overall performance. Its deep-cleaning properties are also effective for ovens, grills, and other kitchen appliances.

  4. Specialty Cleaning Tools: Our kit is armed with a micro pick/chisel, multi-tip extension rod, and a large brush tip, allowing you to reach and clean every nook and cranny of your firearm. Additionally, four replaceable micro-bristle tips ensure precision cleaning in the tiniest spaces.

  5. Cloth Wipes: For effortless and thorough cleaning, we've included soft and absorbent cloth wipes. Use them with our cleaning solutions to remove fouling, dirt, and debris from your firearms.

  6. Zip Pouch with Specialized Compartments: Everything you need is neatly organized and securely stored in the NEVERDRY labeled zip pouch. Customized compartments ensure easy access to each piece of the kit, making it perfect for at-home cleaning or on-the-go maintenance.

Efficient Firearm Cleaning and Maintenance:

The NEVERDRY Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit equips you with everything needed for a deep and essential firearm cleaning. Our products work harmoniously to deliver unparalleled results, ensuring smooth and reliable firearm operation. The ND999 Ultra-Refined Oil Lubricant protects against wear and corrosion, while the ND Sapphire Thermodynamic Grease provides unmatched lubrication and anti-seize protection. Meanwhile, the ND Black Carbon Destroyer Cleaner eliminates carbon fouling, restoring precision and accuracy.

With our specialized cleaning tools and cloth wipes, every corner of your firearm receives meticulous attention. Whether you're a seasoned gun owner or a new enthusiast, this kit will become your go-to for maintaining firearms in top condition. Take pride in the efficiency and precision of your firearm cleaning routine with the NEVERDRY Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit. Trust NEVERDRY to keep your firearms performing at their peak and always ready for action.

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